Thursday, January 15, 2009

Remembering Dreams


I never have dreams when I’m sleeping (at least that I remember of anyway) and I was wondering if there were any foods I could eat before bed or exercises to do to enhance my dreams at night!

And what does not having dreams mean?


First off, people can experience dreams during REM and non-REM cycles, so you are not limited to only REM dreaming. Most people do dream multiple times during the night, but only a hand full of people remember them. As our brains go though different sleep cycles multiple times a night, we also experience the REM cycle many times as well, where most of our dreams are produced.

REM sleep is activated with a neurotransmitter in our brains called Acetylcholine and deactivated with the neurotransmitter called Serotonin. There is always the possibility that you eat foods that contain a larger amount of serotonin type of precursors (eventually change in your body to serotonin) so it could be suggested to research types of foods that you may be eating and if they contain different types of Tryptophan’s in them. Another thing that you can do is eat more foods that contain Vitamin B5 or other precursors to Acetylcholine as it will support you with more REM sleep as well as more dreams. Vitamin B5 (for Acetylcholine) as well as 5-HTP (precursor to Serotonin) can be purchased at the health food store or at any local super market.


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