Monday, January 5, 2009

African Dream Root

Something that I have been looking at for a few days is the Silene capensis or Ubulawu. "Ubulawu is traditionally used to access dream-time and to communicate with ones ancestors." Interesting enough not much research has been done to figure out why this plant causes such effects. I would assume that it has something to do with serotonin or acetylcholine in some way or another. After reading a bit more, it seems like it might have something more to do with serotonin, though some believe that its an MAOI. There is not much information out there but here is the recall of someone who has taken it:

"I have used S. capensis several times (week long experiments) and the only side effects is the feeling of not having slept enough during the night. I wake up at the normal time but it feels like I want to sleep a few hours more. But the dreams are worth it. Very vivid and totaly crazy I don't think S. capensis is a MAOI." This sounds like the same effects of 5-htp and other serotonin precursors.

Note* after thinking about this on the drive back home (about 7 hours) It makes more sense that Capensis is more related to a type of acetylcholine if anything, since it reduced deep sleep. Would make more sense than serotonin.


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  1. Yea L! I completely agree. I don’t think it would be very “serotonin-like” or even “GABA-like” because both of them would presumably lead to deeper sleep.

    Oh! I like the new logo for the blog by the way!