Thursday, January 8, 2009

Links to Dreaming

I wanted to post a few relations between DMT experiences, OBE, SP, and NT's.

"I was choking ,or unable to breath anyways, and I couldn't move a muscle!! I was frozen, and terrified! I thought there was some thing in the room with me, stealing my breath, I was powerless. I lay that away for a couple of minutes then slowly I was able to move, my fingers first then my feet and legs, it was horrible." -Night Terror Research Website.

"In 1995, when I started experimenting with OOBEs and trying to bring about one, I started to experience vibrations and sleep paralysis. Most if not all of us know that these are a precursor to having an OOBE. However I find a lot of people have sleep paralysis and vibrations and it scares the hell out of them and they want them to stop."- Web Site for Astral Projection

"Last night I tried to induce sleep paralysis, something I've never heard of or done before. I understand it was my first time at trying it but I came frustrating
ly close a number of times and It just resulted in me still being awake at 6am haha."-- Web Site for Astral Projection

"Nearly everyone remarked on the "vibrations" brought on by DMT, the sense of powerful energy pulsing through them at a very rapid and high requency. Typical comments were: "The colors and vibrations were so intense I thought I would pop, "I didn't think I would stay in my skin." - DR. Strassman's book

“I wake up always hearing weird sounds in our basement as my room was down there. One time I woke, saw this huge shape standing between the door and the closet. Nothing happened but I could swear it some beast. My NTs seemed to come when my legs were crossed as I slept on my back. I have tried to make sure they weren't crossed before sleeping.” -Night Terror Research Website

"I definitely felt the presence of others. They were kind to me, nice and caring. They seemed small, as if they could enter my body and mind in that space. There was a total sense of losing my body, but the little presences know how to enter it somehow." -Dr. Strassman's book

As its easy to see, these are three distinct different situations of people experiencing various types of vibrations and vivid hallucinations. The Night Terror group of people are terrified by the experience and often experience hallucinations frequently after the onset of sleep paralysis while sleeping. The Astral Projection group welcomes it as they try to experience later vibrations as well as the feeling of exiting their body. The DMT group experience vibrations as well as good and bad presences during their hallucinations.

What we can take from this is that sleep paralysis, out of the body experiences, and DMT users all experience the same events. They could all possibly be related to the same chemical reaction of either DMT itself in the brain, or a substance like DMT. This substance could be the bases of why we dream, or at least what causes us to dream. It is also very interesting to note that how the person reacted to the presences during their sessions, either promoted a positive ending experience, or resulted in a continuing terrifying situations. Those who train themselves to experience sleep paralysis seek the end result of vivid lucid dreaming or possible "out of the body experiences."


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