Monday, January 5, 2009

DMT: Dr. Strassman

As I recently finished reading Dr. Strassman's book on his studies of DMT at the University of New Mexico in 1990, I have found his book a life changing informative study that introduces its readers into ideas that question the bases of our lives and our spiritual believes. I highly recommend reading his book if you are a person that has questions about sleeping, dreaming, hallucinations, and the human mind. Here is the reference to purchase the book:

Copyright 2001 by Rick Strassman
Published by Park Street Press
One Park Street
Rochester, Vermont 05767

ISBN: 078-0-89281-927-0

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  1. I wanted to post some of the information I have been reading. If anyone wants my notes for Dr. Strassmans book and Advanced Lucid Dreaming, feel free to e-mail me @ and I will e-mail them to you.