Monday, January 26, 2009

Peopled Darkness

Yesterday I received one of what has become one of my most favorite non-fiction books to date. It’s called “Peopled Darkness” and is written by J.D. Arthur who as an experienced user of LSD decided to try Salivia Divinorum and write down his experiences over the course of five years. Unlike most psychedelic users, Mr. Arthur documents his reports in a more scientific method that becomes an enjoyable read.

Much like DMT users, lucid dreamers, NT patients, and other examples of hallucinations that contain some type of encounter with “guides,” Salivia Divinorum (in Mr. Arthur’s case) shows are more focused less fearful way of encountering the possible subconscious. In his book Mr. Arthur describes experiences that are out of this world and seem free of suggested interoperation of the outside world as well as any type of dream like content experienced in normal dreaming. He does show correlation in descriptions of possible OBE (out of the body) lucid type dreaming as well as events experienced by many of Dr. Strassmen’s patients during his clinical tests in New Mexico.

If anything I highly suggest reading Mr. Arthurs book “Peopled Darkness” in better understanding the possible world experienced during dreaming and the possible world around us.


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  1. Sounds like a book I would love.

    hey what does 'nt patients' mean?

    BTW just discovered your blog, looks awesome - we have a lot of similar interests my friend!