Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marijuana and REM

I wanted to post a recent question that was asked on one of my favorite forums I visit from time to time.

If I'm smoking Marijuana I'm finding that I have a very hard time recalling dreams. In fact it was so bad that I thought I just stop dreaming for a few years until I decided me and marry needed a break. A few days into the break I notice my dream recall was back and very strong. Once me and marry got back together I started waking up with no recall. Does this happen to anyone else? what are your thoughts?

I posted the answer:

Marijuana has some adverse affects on your dreams because the chemicals in it reduce or can possibility even stop REM sleep. The THC in Marijuana shows evidence of mimicking and replacing acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is strongly involved in REM sleep activation as well as other necessary body functions including thought process and reproduction. With the reduction of acetylcholine, your dream recall will reduce due to the reduction of REM sleep, where most dreams accumulate.

There has been mixed reports about different types of Marijuana causing different effects, but regardless THC will causes the same effects.


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