Friday, February 27, 2009

Pineal LSD

R and I have been long supporters of Dr. Callaway (a neuroscientist) and his hypothesis that some type of endogenous tryptamin based psychedelic created in the pineal gland could be pointed to for the reasons why we have dreams as well as hallucination during dream, or similar states of mind. He also hypothesized that the endogenous DMT psychoactive drug could be the cause of all these mentations.
I recently read an article that supported Callaway in his idea of a pineal gland produced psychoactive agent but rather than DMT they state the possibility of it being LSD-25. The authors of the article don’t really say why they chose LSD-25 besides the idea that reaction to LSD was exhausted in some chimpanzees that had their frontal lobes removed. This seems to be based off the same notion of the pineal gland creating some type tryptamin psychedelic and all tryptamin drugs would stop having an effect if the frontal lobes were removed.

The article continues to talk about patients who have diseases in which their nerve fibers that causes a severed relationship between the pineal gland and the cervical ganglinon who would experience schizophrenia. The authors of the article go on to say that the isolation of the pineal gland from the light zeitgeber or nervi conarii could maybe stop schizophrenia or at least limit it.

Regardless of further studies being done on this subject; it is nice to see that others have taken notice to the pineal gland for its psychedelic potential.


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