Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More of DMT

I read a lot more into the book "Inner Paths to Outer Space" and noticed something interesting in the works by Luis Eduard Luna, a Ph.D and very interesting person who has done a ton of research into Ayahuasca. In Chapter 4 of the book Dr. Luna talks about his experiences as well as much of his research he conducted throughout many years and concluded with some information that supports Strassman and his hypthosis that our brains make and require DMT during sleep. Apparently people who use Ayahuasca (a form of DMT) don't need to sleep as long as most people. They feel well rested after 4-5 hours of sleep. It was also noted in chapter 4 that people have who have taken Ayahuasca consistently over the years show no disorders and actually show better control of moods as well as emotions. Dr. Luna documented that pregnant woman in many cultures take Ayahuasca as well as breast fed while consuming and show no signs of birth defects in offspring. Apparently Ayahuasca or DMT is something that seems to be very important to our sleep cycle as well as helps us in normal day functions.


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