Thursday, February 26, 2009

Niacin and Flush

Since the last few days I have been working on starting a research paper as well as continuing more research into a few books and have not had a lot of time, I wanted to write something fun, interesting, and short for our readers. A lot of what I write about is just concepts I have been thinking about late at night when I can’t seem to go to sleep because I am thinking too much. As funny as it sounds, thanks to this blog and the uses of different supplements, I don’t seem to have that problem as often as I used to. I still had a continuing question last night about the effects of one supplement I have been taking, vitamin b3 or Niacin. I know that R wrote some great information about Niacin in the past, but my main question is that why are some flushes that I experience with Niacin greater than others?

Two days ago I took Niacin after not taking it for a few days and never received the wonderful rash like effects that I seem to get most times taking it. Yesterday I took it and broke out with more intensity than I ever had had in the past. Everything about yesterday was the same as the days before besides the fact that I had only had 4 hours of sleep and felt exhausted.

After thinking about it for some time, I wonder if the effects of the Niacin flush changes depending on how much sleep a person has received. It would be interesting to find a study on this, yet as I have been looking, I am unable to find one. I will continue to do my own personal research into the effects and see what hypotheses I can come up with, unless there is none.


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  1. Dear L,

    I've taken Niacin and Niacinamide several times at WBTB. The Niacin flush seems to come on within 20 minutes of taking it. It lasts about 30 minutes with the tingling flushing being most intense on my neck and hands. It is replaced with a warm overall feeling. B3 is good for dreaming because it increases cerebral blood flow.


    Scot Stride