Sunday, February 22, 2009


I recently was brought on to a fatty acid that would seem to help with memory in the fact that it may help with synaptic transmission sleep. Research has showed that in combination with cholin-esterase inhibitors that it does seem to help cognition in some way. After looking into phosphatidylserine by itself, it shows little signs in long-term memory help with both animals and humans, but does show some. How does this topic deal with dreaming? Well the Cholinergic System deals directly with REM sleep and improving this area of our mind would help greatly in improving sleep as well as dreams.

Many sites that promote phosphatidylserine will say that many studies support that the fatty acid will "greatly" improve your memory. Unfortunately I was unable to find any such articles.

One User of phosphatidylserine comments,
"In general I tend to dream very vividly and at times not very restfully. But additionally, my work in recent years has exposed me to a lot of traumatic material, leaving me with an exaggerated startle response and occasional insomnia. My chiropractor recommended PS to me. I take two of these in the evening now and my sleep is definitely deeper and more sound. My symptoms return if I stop taking it. I think it it has a mild general anxiolytic effect overall. I'm very happy with it, I just wish it were a bit less expensive. But I would recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms to mine."

You can purchase phosphatidylserine as a supplement in many health food stores.


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