Monday, February 16, 2009

DMT Consciousness

I have been reading up on a new book that I got last month and just haven’t had time to really read into, “Inner Paths to Outer Space.” Though the title is a little misleading, it’s really about the different scientific experiments that have taken place and combination of well written papers about psychedelic effects of DMT and related drugs.

In relation to something that was written by Dr. Strassman at the end of chapter 3, he talks about the possible requirement for DMT use during the day in our brains. It comes to remind me of a conversation that R and I had when we talked about normal consciousness possibly being a state of psychedelic trip or at least requiring some type of fuel for the imagination aspect of it. As Dr. Strassman describes DMT is endogenous, rises during stressful times, is present in our lugs, and possibly apparent in the pineal gland. With this being true, DMT would be a very important aspect of not only our normal consciousness but also a way to change our consciousness with the process of disassociation. It would also make sense that the production of DMT would be very important to our survival which shows evidence of happening during or sleep stages as there is some type of tryptamine type drug being produced in our pineal gland.

Anyways I know that I have probably already stated all this information in one form or another, but I guess there is nothing wrong with affirming information.


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