Thursday, February 5, 2009

The New Science of Dreaming.

In pasts posts I have made references to me reading the first volume of the book "The New Science of Dream" Edited by Deirdre Barrett and Patric McNamare. I completed reading this tremendously complicated book today and I am more than thankful. Though its a very informative book, it still has the issue of over repeating information since each chapter is an independent study done about dreams, meaning that each section starts over. The good parts about this is that the readers really get to know the basics of dreaming and sleep... and by basics I mean the complicated basics.

For someone like who me who I consider a novice in the area of understanding neurobiology, I will need to take the next few weeks understanding the importance of some of the notes I took from the book. I know they are important from what they relate to, but understanding them fully is another matter.

Another aspect that I found interesting from the book is the amount of references that point us in the direction of Hobson's work. I would recommend reading some of Hobson's work prior to reading this book because of that. A reader might understand more of the information that way as Hobson's work requires a large learning curve itself.

Over all I found the book a good read and have much to learn still from the information I have gained over the last month.


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