Friday, September 18, 2009

A night of sleep as a microcosm of samsara

Liza Solomonova over at Oneiricum has posted a great post on "A night of sleep as a microcosm of samsara." Her blog Oneiricum has shown great information into understanding the sleep in a Buddhist mindset as well as a medical mindset as she has been interested in the Buddhist teachings as well as a a research assistant at a Dream and Nightmare Laboratory.

Here is a little about what her post says:

Among many wonderful podcast series from Upaya, there is a 7-part series of talks by Alan Wallace, a Buddhist teacher, translator and practicioner who works on drawing Wester and Eastern thought on understanding the mind closer together. There are many wonderful things about his talks, and I am not going to get into them, it is much more interesting and exciting to listen to the podcasts firsthand. However, one of the things that he said I found so interesting, I just have to share it.

Check out her blog at : to read more about her and her wonderful blog.

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