Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dr. Laberge Interview

R sent me an e-mail a few days ago with a 10 part interview on that has Dr. Laberge talking about what lucid dreaming is and what capabilities you have while lucid dreaming.

You can start the interview by clicking (here)

Here is a little bit about Dr. LaBerge taking from

Stephen LaBerge is a psychophysiologist and a leader in the scientific study of lucid dreaming. He was born in 1947. In 1967 he received his Bachelor's Degree in mathematics. He began researching lucid dreaming for his Ph.D. in Psychophysiology at Stanford University, which he received in 1980.[1] He developed techniques to enable himself and other researchers to enter a lucid dream state at will, most notably the MILD technique (mnemonic induction of lucid dreams), which was necessary for many forms of dream experimentation.[2] In 1987, he founded The Lucidity Institute, an organization that promotes research into lucid dreaming, as well as running courses for the general public on how to achieve a lucid dream.[3]

His technique of signalling to a collaborator monitoring his EEG with agreed-upon eye movements during REM became the first published, scientifically-verified signal from a dreamer's mind to the outside world. The first confirmed signal came from Alan Worsley under study in England; however his group did not publish their results until later. [4] Though the technique is simple, it opens broad new avenues of dream research and pushed the field of dream research, or oneirology, beyond its protoscientific and largely discredited psychoanalytic roots, establishing it as a fruitful and respectable discipline.


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