Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chocolate to Morphine

From Chocolate to Morphine is a great book about drugs. Its not just about a specific drug but entails just about every common drug that you could think of. It not only tells you about the drugs and what they can do, but talks about the proper use of the drugs as well as education for those who would want to use them or currently use them and want to continue using. The book doesn't promote drug use nor does it take any side at all, only giving the facts and letting the reader decide how they want to conduct themselves.

I personally love this book because it does exactly what our education system should be doing with our education about the drug use, giving the truth rather than producing lies that help no one. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has used drugs, wants to use drugs, or has family that have drug problems. This book helps us to remember that coffee and chocolate are also strong stimulants and have potential for abuse.

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  1. Not many people think of chocolate as a drug but it does have that affect on some. Dr. Weil is usually full of good info so I'm sure it's a worthwhile book.