Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lucid Dreaming: a Hybrid of REM and Waking Cognition

Ryan over at Dream seems to be busy as he posted another great post on the altered state of consciousness of lucid dreaming. In the post he talks about how a few new studies have been conducted regarding the possibility that lucid dreaming as not dreaming at all, but really a new type of consciousness. Here is a little of what the post has to say:

A study accepted in the journal Sleep last month (but not yet published) claims that lucid dreaming should be not be considered a REM dreaming phenomenon but rather a unique state of consciousness (Voss, et al., 2009). Poetically, the assertion that lucid dreaming has elements of waking consciousness and dreaming has been made for years. But this study, conducted at the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt, Germany, backs the assertion with physiological data taken with an EEG.

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