Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lucid and Super Lucid

Well its been a little bit since I last posted anything. I have been sick for about a week now and have also been reading a lot on the topic of Buddhism which seems to be a good combination as one seemed to help the other. Feeling sick really brings things into the basic light, just wanting to survive the sickness and not needing a lot extra stuff (like fast cars and big house) to do so. The teachings that are contributed from the philosophy of Buddhism seems to also help with surviving the sickness. At any rate it has been a interesting experience.

Since I have started to read about Buddhism I have also tried to take into account some of the concepts of relaxation which really has made my mood more positive in result allowing me to sleep better. I have also noticed a more positive outcome is my ability to become super lucid has increased as well.

Some may ask what is being super lucid? Well I don't think that there is really a scientific answer to that question, but for me there seems to be two types of lucid dreams, lucid and super lucid.

Lucid Dreaming:
I know that I am dreaming and am able to change things in my dream or to have complete control over my dreams. I am normally already in a dream when it occurs to me that I must be dreaming.

Super Lucid Dreaming:
Achieved by a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) which seems to also have the sense of strong vibrations and sometimes the old hag syndrome. In these types of lucid dreams I know that I am awake while dreaming but it seems so real (almost more than real) that I am scared to walk around the room or house because I am scared of sleep walking. I feel groggy at first as though half awake and half awake and eventually am fully inside the dream world which I can control. Some people have called these dreams out of body experiences but I strongly disagree and believe the are just super lucid dreams.

Recently in my super lucid dreams I have had the opportunity to talk with some dream characters about the world in which I am dreaming. They seem to be very insightful and full of life. Its really a fun time to talk to yourself and find out things you normally wouldn't know about yourself. I have also had the opportunity to meditate while in my dream and what a great experience that was.

I can honestly say that the WILD type of lucid dreaming has its price from its super lucidity. The vibrations are often frighting because they are often so intense it may feel like your body is going to break in half, the feeling of being half awake and half asleep is also scary as it makes you feel like you are paralyzed (good old sleep paralysis), and an occasional dream hallucination while your awake may scare the hee bee jeebies out of you. I am not sure why but my last scary WILD hallucination was a fat panda stilling in the corner of my room and he still scared the living hell out of me. If you can get past that, you can have some really insightful experiences and wake up well rested and glad that you had the adventure.

In the next week I will be working on some short book reviews for the Buddhist books I have been reading as well as what I have been learning on the brain and lucid dreaming.


  1. Your brain gets creativity points for the Evil Fat Panda.

    I've shared the same experience with Buddhist concept and illness. When you barely have the energy to survive the moment, you're not focusing on what's wrong with the world. You're just struggling to breathe or move.

  2. KMG,

    Exactly right, being to the point where your body is fighting for its life (or at least thinks so) really puts things into prospective. I was also told by a Buddhist teacher of mine that the terror that we experience at the time before lucidity could be our Karma or ourselves as we see ourselves. I would rather be a panda than some of the other scary things that I have seen. In terms of brain activation and de-activation during sleep onset, we could also say that the amygdala has a large role to play in this scare process, but I guess in a sense we are our brain.

    Thanks for the comment and happy dreaming!