Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Super Lucid

I am not one to normally post my personal experiences with dreams, but I figured that it was worthwhile to post my most recent events on here as it might help or inspire others to try the same techniques in order to super lucid dream.

In my last post about lucid dreaming and super lucid dreaming, I posted about the WILD events that have caused me to super lucid dream. I also defined what I believe super lucid dreaming is, and how in relation to out of the body experiences, they are one the same and truly are a lucid dream. At any rate I once again have had the effects of super lucid dreaming due to a WILD event.

Recently I have been paying much more attention to things, not just during the day but also during the time frame before sleep. I have been practicing some meditation techniques which is really just breathing and paying attention to the moment of breathing. Yes, Buddhist class has been paying off. Anyways in the past I have tried numerous techniques to increase my WILD events but nothing has helped. I have even tried the supplement technique which has caused me to somehow cure my depression in my life but also caused me to ironically remember less of my dreams. Nothing seemed to work until now.

Paying attention seems to be a common trend to any websites that have groups who have techniques to help someone lucid dream. Many of these techniques you have to read in a book, or pay money for, but when all is said and done, its paying attention that is the key element. I have been training my mind to pay attention during the day and before I go to sleep and strange as it may sound, we practice how we play. Our brains being as smart as they are also can pay attention when we are falling into REM sleep and feel these WILD events take place causing us to have a super lucid dream. I know this may not work for you, but it sure does work with me and I will continue to use it and improve on it. I have also seemed to cause my dreams to be even more lucid which has caused me to question if I am truly asleep or sleep walking throughout my house. Keep trying and pay attention and you will get the WILD you search for.

Happy dreaming!

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