Monday, December 1, 2008

Galantamine and Choline

Took the combination again for a 3rd run and found that I had the same effects as before. No lucid dreaming but a large amount of active vivid dreams.

Again didn't get very good rest due to having to wake up early and a feeling of restlessness prior to sleeping after using the 5-HTP. Also had a a possible "dweller" type involvement prior to sleeping making it even harder to go to sleep. Woke up sweating from active type of dream but didn't remember it.

Worked out for an hour and went back to sleep. Before sleeping had a strong feeling (never felt it before) of being not myself, like I could feel I was a different person, almost like Peter Tripp who claimed he was an intruder in his own body. I am going to look more to sleep deprivation and find out more of this effect.


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