Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dream Study

So my proposal for a dream study was accepted by the psychology department adviser for this upcoming semester. It should be interesting and full of new research in hopes to conclude some type of evidence of the theories of SP, Old Hag Syndrome, and other ideas that R and I have been posting about.

The study per week will include:
•15 hours of research including blog posts with information of what was studied.
•Yahoo Questions and Answers
•Readings of Books: DMT The Spirit Molecule, Inner Paths to Outer Space, The New Science of Dreaming Vol I, II, III.
•Final Project: Power Point/ Paper

I will start this Christmas break by reading Dr. Strassman book "DMT - The Spirit Molecule" and do some research into the effects of DMT.

Anyways expect more posts in the near future as the research continues!


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