Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Callaway article

I’ve been trying to locate an article by J.C. Callaway regarding the possible role of DMT in dreams. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a free .pdf version, so I think I may have to go to a library and request it via inter-library loan. At any rate, here is the citation for the article:

“A proposed mechanism for the visions of dream sleep” by J.C. Callaway
It is found in the journal Medical Hypotheses, Volume 26, Issue 2, June 1988, pages 119-124.

I think I see that you found the same article at ScienceDirect!
I will certainly post on here if I get a chance to read it.

In other J.C. Callaway news, I found him mentioned in a talk by Dennis McKenna on the C-realm podcast. Which may be located here:


It is the second part of the talk and I would highly recommend the first section as well. However, there is no mention of dreams.


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