Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sleepless Night

The night before last night I took the combination of 5-HTP and Galantamine in order to try to obtain lucid dreaming but once again had no luck. I did happen to have intense dreams where I was overcoming some type of problem and the dreams were very rewarding during the waking day. Again last night I decided that maybe I just wasn't getting the right about of REM time in order to obtain the lucid dreaming I wanted to. What better way to do this than to induce more Choline into my system? I took Galantamine and Choline without the 5-HTP once again a second night before I went to bed. It was very hard to get to bed but when I did, the night was filled with interesting affects.

Finally fell asleep around 12:00 AM

About 1:00 AM felt like I should get up and get ready for my day.

About 2:30 had vibration effect where I finally was able to relax to the point that I fell into lucid state. I thought I was awake so I walked over to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. Everything was blurry and greenish. I walked down to the bottom of my stairs and moved shoes around in order to prove how awake I was. I walked outside and looked up into the sky seeing that it was full of stars and different planets. I decided that I was going to fly into them to see if I was dreaming or not. I flew faster than I could control and was soon into another galaxy and lost. I managed to find my way back where I got into my car and though still scared that I was somehow sleep walking started the car with no key. I drove around the block and a lot of other unimportant stuff happened. I soon after woke up.

About 4:50 had the dweller effect happen where it was the green goblin yelling die, soon woke up in panic.

Though I did have the desired effect of obtaining lucid dreaming and the dweller effect, my night was filled with uneasy and non-satisfactory sleep. I never obtained the deep sleep that is needed for restfulness during the night while my night was flooded with constant REM sleep causing masses of dreaming. I would not recommend trying this system unless having another day to rest after the restless night to reclaim the much needed deep sleep missed out.

I also provided evidence into the aspect of OBE in the fact that I encountered all the same events that someone who supposedly has OBE, noticing the realness of my house in the dream, and I must say that it was one of the most vivid lucid dreams I have ever had, however; it was still incredibly fake once exploring outside areas showing that it was only a dream. I tend to rely on science as always and provide more evidence in supporting the fact that OBE are only extremely vivid conscious dreams obtained by means of the conscious transformation between non-REM to REM Sleep.



  1. Wow! What an amazing experience. So would you consider this your most vivid dream yet? I wonder what it is about the OBE –type dream that allows for a relative recreation of your actual surroundings. I mean, why not just all of a sudden open your eyes in pink fluffy cloud land (technical term). Hmm….that being said of course, its easy to forget that we are all constantly hallucinating our surroundings. Or at least are viewing what are brains are telling us about our actual surroundings rather than strictly viewing our actual surroundings. So, do you have any more thoughts or feelings about his event?


  2. What a great response R! I never asked myself that question, but with every question there is an idea. I would think that maybe since our conscious mind is active during this transition, that we make up the most reliable conclusion to what is happening, that we really are not dreaming and our memory of our surroundings come into play to explain for the difference. The question I have is what happened to my subconscious during this transition, maybe it goes into total submission and creates a total lucid type of dream.

    They of course are just ideas.


  3. To add to that, I also wonder what type of damage this has on our subconscious mind since we are in fact even possibly further reducing the amount of time it has control. I know for me, all day I have felt like I have been needing to sleep, even after a few hours of deep sleep and rest. I would like to try this once more in a few days.