Monday, December 1, 2008

The Support for Theory

Well it comes to the time to state a theory that R and I have been working on for some time.

While it has been identified by a variety of names, the “Old Hag” syndrome has arguably been around since the dawn of human history. It is based on the effects that people obtain when they experience Sleep Paralysis (SP). In this state, they are unable to move and sometimes hallucinate something holding them down or experience an evil presence in the room. Though the explanation for the SP can be explained, the evil type of presence sometimes seems unexplainable.

Some people experience the evil type of presence or hallucination prior to experience of SP. Others experience this type of presence without any type of sleep paralysis in what many describe as a type of Night Terror (NT). If a NT and SP both exist with the Old Hag syndrome, than there is the possibility for an independent cause for the Old Hag syndrome. After much research there has been a surprising amount of evidence showing that there is a different type of psychological event taking place during dream like experiences or hypnosis. We call it the Dweller Syndrome (DS) because of its direct relation to the presence or hallucination that independently exists.

The theory of the DS is that during the day our brains are maintaining two distinct and different consciousness, the conscious and subconscious. During our waking state both consciousness are active but only the conscious mind is allowed to communicate with the outside world and seems independently unaware of the other subconscious. During the sleep process the subconscious play a more dynamic role in our dreams while in REM and non-REM dreaming. While in translation from the waking state to the dreaming state our brain goes though a transformation where the subconscious seems to take over as the dominate driving mechanism of our dreams acting as primitive narrator. In some studies, EEGs from subjects under hypnosis showed a boost in the lower frequency waves associated with dreaming and sleep, and a drop in the higher frequency waves associated with full wakefulness. ( If our consciousness becomes accidentally aware of this transformation prior to being induced into the dream world, our subconscious tries to regain control by suppressing our conscious with either scare tactics or persuasion. The subconscious regulates our bodily sensations, such as taste, touch and sight, as well as your emotional feelings. ( This suppression shows itself as the DS that some people experience while experiencing dream like states. The same transformation without the DS can be examined as hypnosis, where the conscious mind is shut down to protect itself from an overload of information while the unconscious mind will take over. ( when you're asleep, the conscious mind gets out of the way, and your subconscious has free reign. (

Though dreaming seems to be one of the more well known ways of experiencing the DS we can see evidence in other types of hypnoses induced events that result in the same experience.

Though none of this can be proven to be a scientific fact, is has been R and my goal to prove many different areas of this theory as best as possible. Through studying lucid dreaming (LD) we have begun to gain some evidence that this theory is at least in part correct.

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In short, we believe that the feeling of an evil presence surrounding the issue of sleep paralysis is in truth the subconscious mind attempting to take control over the conscious waking mind.


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