Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucid Through Nicotine and Galantamine

I had a lucid dream last night as well. After waking up at around 5:00AM I proceeded to apply a 7mg Nicotine patch and swallowed an 8mg Galantamine tablet. At first I had a difficult time getting back to sleep. However, at what I estimate to be about 7:00AM I had 1 very short lucid dream followed by 1 very vivid non-lucid dream. Tonight I’m going to repeat the experiment only this time I will take 100mg of 5-HTP before hand to see if it will increase the REM effects later on in the sleep cycle.




  1. Follow up:

    Well, unfortunately I didn’t have any lucid or particularly vivid dreams with the 5-HTP before sleep /Nicotine + Galantamine WBTB method . That being said however, I certainly did remember quite a number of my dreams.
    I’m not sure, what role noripinephrine plays in all of this but it would be interesting to find out. Also, I did not head the warnings of Thomas Yuschak’s book and took nicotine on two consecutive nights. So, as far as I know my acetylcholine receptors are all overused and unhappy.

    I wonder if I can find anything that connects noripinephrine levels with vivid dreams.



    1. From what I understand it takes a couple of hours for nicotine patches to have an effect. So you might want to try playing around with when using the patches. What Yuschak talks about doesn't make much sense to me as heavy smokers who go on the patch to try and quit report crazy dreams (even without the galantamine, which helps keep nicotine receptors healthy). It also seems to me that smokers report having way more vivid dreams than non-smokers and I've read something about nicotine withdrawal causing crazy vivid dreams on its own. Don't treat Yuschak's words as gospel. For example, he says piracetam kills dream recall but there are plenty of people who report the exact opposite, including people who claim chronic vivid/lucid dreams as a result of piracetam megadosing (12g/day).

  2. Intresting information. Good idea on posting what we took.

  3. Are you using the nicotine patch b/c you're a smoker and/or b/c (or in addition to) its effects on dreams? My brother was trying to quit smoking years back and I've never forgotten the stories he told me about his dreams when he was on the patch. I had planned to do a little experiment myself, applying a nicotine patch and seeing what would happen, but after further research, I decided I'd probably feel very crappy for doing so since I do not smoke cigarettes.