Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucid Dream

Last night I had a lucid dream. It was a DILD and its quality was very low, but it did happen. I think that the type of simulation that I used did cause it to happen, but because of how I administered the stimulation the effects were very low. In two days I will try again, but it does show an increase.



  1. Sorry for not leaving the inforamtion on it. Well since I didnt have any 5-htp to take at the time I took the magnesium since it seemed to have the same effects on me before. I took the magnesium right when I went to sleep and the galantamine and choline after 5 hours of sleep. Seemed like a good combo.

  2. Hey, that sounds like a great idea! So ZMA before bed and then galantamine and choline during the WBTB?
    Sounds pretty snazzy.


  3. It makes no sense to me that after years and years of interest in lucid dreaming, and trying B6, Calea Zacetechichi, etc, I still have not taken galantamine and choline to see what would happen! This post just reminds me once again to do so....