Friday, December 17, 2010

Myzeo vs Emotive

After spending a few months with the Myzeo I thought it was about time to try out the Emotive that I received in the mail a few weeks ago. I must say that after trying the hardware out that I am very glad that I decided to get the Myzeo for the sleep studies.

The emotive is a great addition to the wireless and mobile EEG community. I would say that the EEG community is very small and is a hard group to compete with. Its costly to research the systems needed to operate the hardware, and its also hard to make it wearable by someone who would like to use these portable EEG systems while asleep or doing activities.

Emotive Positives

Emotive has its ability to read 14 sensors located at different areas of the wearers head. The system  looks stylish so that you could wear it while doing activities outside and someone may laugh but then again wonder what in the world you are wearing such a cool looking device. The software for the system links up well with the hardware and gives the user an almost instantaneous readout of what the sensors are telling the system. You can easily see eye movement recorded by the brainwaves required to move the eyes as well as other readings that are produced from many different activities. The system also has an aim for gaming and comes with software to make it so you can play games with key emotions.

Emotive Negatives

Emotive is hard to use. The sensors fall out and you have to reapply them and pretty much start from scratch, removing the whole hardware from your head unless you have someone to help you. If you moved around to much there is a good chance the sensors will fall out and be lost for ever.  Its also hard to get the sensors to read 100% in every sensor and takes about 10 min to place correctly. If this was used for a sleep study it would possibly not work because any movement causes havoc on the readouts and can cause sensors to moved off of their target location.

In conclusion the Emotive fails for what I needed to do with it and again I am so glad that I purchased the Myzeo. The Myzeo is a much better option in recording sleep and possibly with future software developmental, a better lucid dreaming aid.


  1. Cool beans! On a side note though, did it come with that weird "monk pulling a tree with his brain power game"...thingy?


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