Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kava MAO-B

I have been reading an interesting book "Hallucinogens: A Forensic Drug Handbook" and scanned over something that may be beneficial to some readers.  Apparently kava or Kava kava contains MAO-B and MAO-A in its lactones. The book says that the MAO-A's are the reason for Kava's anti depressant effects, but from what R posted about the MAO-B's a few posts ago, it seems that both MAO-A's, and B's are responsible for different antidepressant effects. As MAO-B effects the dopamine system and depression has recently been identified as dealing with more of a lack of dopamine in the brain and that the increasing of serotonin through a long list of events actually increase dopamine, then I tend to believe that the MAO-B in Kava are the more responsible. At any rate, Kava is a available anti-depressant and possibly lowering the amount of vivid dreams you have. Its all questionable because kava also has MAO-A's which tend to lower the amount of dopamine in the system and giving the dreamer more vivid dreams.

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