Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Allan Hobson - The future of lucid dreaming treatment

I found an article today written by Dr. Allan Hobson about the uses of lucid dreaming and the treatments for nightmares. In his article he talks about how lucid dreaming techniques have helped some individuals overcome nightmares in that they are able to control the dreams and aim the dreams into a less scary theme. I believe Hobson's conclusion says it best:
Although only little published research has been dedicated to the investigation of Lucid Dreaming Treatment, this research has presented preliminary and promising results, suggesting that LDT is effective in reducing nightmares. The reduction of nightmare frequency may consequently lead to better life quality during wakefulness. Earlier studies show that nightmares are not only a significant component of PTSD symptoms but that they also can develop into a disorder of their own. This further underscores the need to find effective treatments for chronic nightmares. LDT shows promising potential for the reduction of nightmare frequency, but its effectiveness is in need of substantial future exploration and validation before LDT might become more widely applied in the appropriate patient populations. In future studies, the effectiveness of LDT should be compared to other cognitive-restructuring techniques: larger sample sizes should be used and the intensity and length of the lucidity intervention should be substantially increased.

You can read the full article here

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