Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Jung

I spent the last night reading more into the wonderful world of Jung (not the book title by the way) and was reading into the development of personalities. In the book Jung gave an account of a child that was discovering where babies came from and came up with some interesting and strange yet logical ideas of where babies come from. The odd thing is that Jung gave a very good account of why the child came up with really strange and almost damaging ideas about child bearing from the child's parents. Jung though didn't deal much into child psychology ultimately stated that children are a lot smarter than grownups think and will create ideas to make sense of the strange and sometimes bazaar stories we tell them to ignore halving to have a uneasy conversation about where they came from. It brings me to think about some of those same strange stories I later found out in life were not true, either from my own exploration into understanding nature, or my parents telling me flat out lies (stories).

I think what we experience as a child really does effect how we are as grown ups. In terms of consciousness I can see how when we are younger we develop personalities that will live with us the rest of our lives. If we damage those early with hurtful and negative thoughts about the world being full of un-trustworthy people, then we will forever believe that un-consciously or at least until something dramatic happens to change that. I always say, "garbage in, garbage out."


  1. Man, if you want to pontificate about things you don't know anything about, at least take the time to learn how to spell their name right. IT's CARL JUNG! It's only pronounced with a Y because he was German/Swiss

  2. Dick,

    Thanks for your comment. Its pretty bad that I over looked the spelling of his name as I have a number of books on him next to my computer.

    Though I may not know much about Jung's work, my posts were about getting to know him and I do respect any positive feedback from people like you that may know more about his work. If you have something helpful please post away.