Friday, January 28, 2011

Cool Movie and Bad Teacher

Well I spent a few dollars and ended up watching this pretty interesting documentary about a guy named Jonas Elrod who an see spirits, energy, and a few other things. What makes this interesting is that he didn't practice meditation or have any history of drug use, and has nothing wrong with is brain as far as science can tell.  It was a pretty inspirational video because its about him trying to find answers. He does some pretty nutty things on his journey and also meets some pretty amazing people, but in the end finds what he is looking for. I highly recommend his movie located here.

Now about a bad teacher. So I have been taking college classes and normally don't rant on this site but it just sickens me what is going on at my college. I have a physics teacher who is Russian and is maybe the worst teacher that I have ever met. Shes not rude, dumb, or unable to teach, she just cant explain anything to anyone and expects too much from her impossibly uneducated students who cant learn due to her being so horrible. So I go to the physics department and meet with the chairman of the department. He explains to me that shes the only teacher they have and that I should maybe take a semester off in order to get a different teacher during the summer semesters. This idea wouldn't be completely bazaar besides the fact that I personally don't have any more time, and the other fact (putting my own personal wants and needs aside) this college is supposedly one of the best engineering schools in the state. Now whats still wrong with this? Everyone who wants to be an engineer is required to take this physics class. I care less about doing well in the class because I am not going in that direction for my degree, but for reasons I don't want to get into, still have to take the class and pass. I honestly cant believe that a college of this status only has one physics teacher for a class that is required such as this, and we are advised to learn on our own because the chairman understands the teacher is horrible... More than half the kids in my class were asleep today and as I was fighting off my normal head nods, I looked around and just laughed to myself.

Well in my end of rant, the myzeo work is still going great. I should be done in 4 days! I am excited because 5-htp is just bothersome trying to take it with no real results. I know I keep badmouthing the supplement but after the initial "belief the supplement is working" and reality coming into check, nothing is really happening. I would like to move onto stuff that people report having major effects on dreams and sleep. I also want to start some tests on Niacin (flush based) and see how it works and then move on to the non flush stuff. It would be exciting to see the differences between the two if there is any. I have heard both ways and am not sure what is correct. I also meet with another professor next week to look at the data and give me some direction, as in making sure the data is worth something statistically. It looks like it is but that doesn't mean its the best it can be.

Until next week and my myzeo test one is done, have fun dreaming!

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