Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5-HTP Study

I am still working away every night on the 5-HTP study. I have about 6 more nights before I am satisfied with the results and can move on to other interesting supplements. Even though I don't want to show the results just yet, I can honestly say that 5-HTP shows little to no effect on sleep, even when its most active in the system. Everyone may be different and that's why we also have two other individuals doing the study. Once their information is collected and all the data analyzed we will most likely release the information.

I am also going to change my study page because its not really showing much with all the information I have posted on there. You can see my nightly sleep record and it shows I am a crappy person as I am unable to good nights rest, pretty much due to my current situation (college and all) but that's about it. I'll change it up later so that the information that we get from the studies can be viewed there.

Man sorry about that spelling before.  I need more sleep :-(


  1. I've been using zeo to try to detect effects of supplements, and my own experience agrees with you - 5-HTP does not seem to have a visible effect on sleep patterns. I'd hoped it would increase deep sleep, but so far only Melatonin seems to have that effect. I think 5-HTP still has qualitative effects, they're just not measurable, even at 150mg.

  2. Is there anyway I could get your data? If so can you list days that you took the 5-HTP and days that are normal?


  3. Did you also do any other experiments with any other supplements?

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