Friday, October 29, 2010

The goal to everything

I had lucid dream lately that was Interesting enough for me to post here. Though I think all dreams are Interesting, some just seem to push the boundaries of insightfulness.

I have been reading a book on lucid dreaming and though I wouldn't say it has been increasing the amount of lucid dreams have, it surely has changed the content. In the dream I became lucid and though the setting of the dream was strangely just a bunch of symbols, it provided me with answers to questions I have been having. The dream was more emotional than anything and allowed me to interact not with what I would call my sub conscious, but more of the personalities that are called me.

I read often that during certain experiences people experience what they call as ego death, and though I was dreaming I managed to find out that maybe this idea is not true. In the dream I saw my personalities each with their own beautiful form but never intermixing and completely different. I have three according to my dream, and the ego is just the observed ideal of me through which I see these personalities. To put it in understandable terms, it was like each personality was a snow globe with it's own dreamworld of events and experiences, and if a glass surrounded these three globes, that glass would be the idea of an ego. Interesting concept for a dream I know. It made me think about ego death and how maybe this death is just the realization that ego never existed in the first place?
I also had the chance to asked the dream what the meaning of all was, the idea of enlightenment. The "director" said, "the purpose of it all, enlightenment and life, is to understand there is no purpose/ enlightenment. Though this sounds rather disappointing for those who have searched for long periods of time for such destinations, I honestly believe that some truth can be taken from those words. That life is about the now, not some extravagant search into questions that reach no end. Life is about accepting yourself and the understanding that you are wonderful and there is much more to us then simply the ego and them (as in other people or our subconcuouse ideals), and we have a great capacity to accept those around us and ourselves.

I woke up from the dream feeling rather refreshed and at peace with myself and the world around me and hope that this feeling last for as long as I live. I find it funny that people sometimes say how dreams could ever be worth anything after this experience into lucidity.


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