Sunday, June 20, 2010

Taming the Night Mare

Ryan Hurd writes a new article called "Taming the Night mare" where he talks about some experiences of dreams where they are terribly fighting but can end out positive. He gives us the example of the visitation of a relative that may have passed away, and other instances much like that. Here is some of what he says:

Most people experience isolated sleep paralysis [ISP] at least once in their lives. This peculiar conscious vision state occurs at the boundaries of sleep, when we feel aware and awake. Sudden feelings of paralysis in bed -- can't move, can't scream -- give way to a terrifying encounter with a shadowy figure in the bedroom. Sleep Paralysis - A Dreamer's GuideSometimes the figure materializes -- the Stranger -- who may sit on the side of the bed or on your chest, and breath its putrid breath into your face as it glares with glowing red eyes. This phenomenon is known around the world by different names. The Hag Effect. Ghost oppression. Supernatural assault. The Succubus.

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