Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lucid Water

Last night was the first night in about two months that I had a lucid dream. I haven't really been trying to lucid dream or practicing any of my meditative techniques that seem to induce WILDs, so my lucid dreaming has been a little low. Before I went to bed I thought about how long it has been since I have had a lucid dream and well I also couldnt sleep until about 3 am... Yeah not so good for someone who seems to be running a website based on how to get a good nights rest, but it has been hot here and I don't do well in the heat at night. Anyways I woke up about 8 Am for a phone call which ended soon after and I could go back to sleep. This calls for a perfect reason to force my brain into REM since I was most likely right at the end of my sleep cycle.

I was in a room taking a shower and soon enough I said, I must be dreaming. I looked at the water and noticed how real it looked, and how it felt to the touch. I though, well if I am dreaming this is pretty dang real. I verbally said,"STOP" and the water stopped moving. The water was frozen in space and time, as though it was in like the matrix. I could walk over it and move it but it was still frozen from where ever I moved it. I put the water in my hand and played with the droplet. I put my fingers on the side of it and pulled it out, as though I was using a iphone and the water droplet expanded into a larger body of water. I noticed that it has hardened and I tossed it on the floor. The water then bounced down the hall.

At this time I was pretty involved with the water and as I looked up there was some creepy looking creature that looked like a mix of a jack-in-the-box figure clown looking thing, and Bigfoot with a mustache. Knowing that I may experience a dweller during my lucid dream I started to get scared that he may try to scare me more, well with more besides his dashing good looks. This thing looked at me and and rather than try to scare me, gave me a cupcake which tasted wonderful. :)

The real neat thing about this dream that I found very surprising is how real the water looked, how I could taste it, fill it, smell it and it was water. It made me think inside my dream that if this water looked like it does in real life, then how real is real life? How much is our brains just making up, or is this world mostly just in our heads? Are we just dreaming while we are awake, mixing in reality with fantasy and what we have been taught in order to make up what we all agree is real? I have see how easy the mind is tricked while lucid dreaming, how real things look and are, and I say that I don't agree that what we experience in life is as real as we think it is.

Now to more dreaming!

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