Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super Lucid

In the last few weeks I have been working with meditative techniques through Buddhist practice to come up with better ways of becoming "super lucid" or obtaining the stage of what some consider OBE. The Buddhist call these stage of sleep one of the Extra-bodily States called "dream body" and have been practicing in order to obtain perfection of this state. At any rate I have had tremendous success.

Meditation as stated before seems to be really about paying attention. The type of meditation that I use is paying attention to my breath out. During my lucid stage where I start to feel the strong vibrations that come from being aware and obtaining my dream body, the first thing I notice is my breathing changes. I tend to focus on this as a key point to knowing that I am able to "jump out" of my body.

Its not to say that everyone should look into meditation for obtaining lucidity in their dreams, but R also reports that he would also have the same effects when he would practice the meditation. I will continue to explore this rout as I try to learn better skills in obtaining release.

In the last few weeks I have also started to read two great books. One book is called "The Antipodes of The Mind" where the writer Dr. Benny Shanon talks about his uses of Ayahuasca and conducts the first ever psychological study of the drink. So far it has been a great book. The other book is called "Failed God" written by John A. Rush Ph.D and his also turning out to be a great book. Failed God is about the history of human religious experiences and how ultimately religion has turned from an experiences to a society based control modified for its best results. Both books have become a great addition to my collection of powerful books and I hope to write more about them in the future as I explore each one. During thanksgiving break I will be writing up a post about "The Antipodes of The Mind" in hopes to explore some of the areas that the writer touched on as well as my own ideas.

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