Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Schools and Supernatural

Well next Monday is the big day and school will once again be in session for me. This time on the agenda is a nice class on the psychology of the brain where I intend to research more into the understanding of why drugs affect our minds in the ways they do. I find entheogens specifically to be a very fascinating topic as there is tons of information on them and still (even though underground) loads of individuals that self experiment with them. I hope to continue to share this information with all my readers and we learn together in the coming year of education.

I have recently continued reading a book called “Supernatural” that I put down due to its long drawn out information on cave art and its influence by entheogens. After a friend informed me of its great content later in the book I decided to take a look. Sure enough about three pages past where I left off the book gets really interesting. The author goes into his experimentation with the entheogen Ayahuasca and how information may be locked into our DNA while being only accessible by those who are experiment with Psychedelics. No matter how bazaar this may sound, the author does display some great points into the area. Once I get done with the book I will make sure to review some of this information and post in into the blog.

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