Monday, June 1, 2009

Podcast 175 - “The Intelligent Use of Psychedelic Drugs”

Another interesting post from one of my favorite podcast by Lorenzo Hagerty who this time had a guest speaker Dr. Timothy Leary. I am not the largest supporter in Dr. Leary's views on psychedelic uses as myself and a lot of others tend to blame Dr. Leary for a lot of the regulation on the uses of psychedelics today. Psychedelics as stated by me many times before can be a great tool to understanding the mind and along with that psychology and dream disorders. Unfortunately a lot of the events that took place during the 60's allowed fuel to the already burning fire to cause higher regulation on the drug use in America. Its important to understand our history in order to not make the same mistakes with this tool, and Leary though a great mind and knowledgeable users of the psychedelics may have gone around the wrong way of spreading the word. In the words of Dr. Leary, "The problem with drugs is that stupid people use drugs stupidly."

Hear the podcast here: Podcast 175 - “The Intelligent Use of Psychedelic Drugs


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