Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ask Dr. Shulgin Online


Recently I have been going around reading up on some of my old time pasts blogs, one of them being "Ask Dr. Shulgin Online" a blog about compounds. It is hosted by Dr. Alexander Shulgin author of one of the most popular compound related books Pihkal and designer of over 200 novel compounds with visionary properties. People on the blog are allowed to ask questions to Dr. Shulgin about different compounds or ideas in making new research.

To me, psychedelics are a great tool to be uses in understanding the mind, just as a hammer is a great tool for putting in a nail into the wall... without the hammer, its a lot harder to get your picture hanging on the wall. Dr. Shulgin has given many different tools to help accomplish this goal and for that he should be recognized. I think his blog and many blogs like his give credit where credit is due, to the creative.

Visit his blog here: "Ask Dr. Shulgin Online"

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