Monday, April 20, 2009

Poster Support

R and I started this blog in order to help other people but after a good 6 months of posting R and I have become very busy with school/work and have little time to gather the information needed for new and informative posts. It is my goal with this blog to have information posted at least 3 times a week with questions, answers, and studies that could help others to gain a better understanding of sleep and better sleep. Our view on how to approach this information is by supported research into the areas that are related to sleep and to exclude any type of information that may be highly speculative. If you notice, we also try to leave out words such as "proven" and "truth" and "fact" as science does neither of those things.

I am interested in a few individuals to help out with the blog that have a passion for those things posted above. I will also be continuing to post as I am currently but I would like to get some more knowledgeable individuals to join the group. If you are interested feel free to e-mail me at with some information about yourself, such as education level, years of experience in the sleep community, and why you would like to help out.

Thanks and stay alter for further posts about sleep.


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