Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amygdala Causes Transition

Every once in a while I have a great day, everything is fine and then I go to sleep and have a horrible night mare. I wonder why this is. Is it because of Freud’s disguise censorship as my subconscious mind having a strong need to scary the living bejesus out of me, or something more? As many of you know by now, I am not an avid supporter of Freud’s dreams theories and tend to believe that all of this is some type of process.

As I am still reading the book “The New Science of Dreaming: Volume 2” I have found some interesting information on the process of sleep and the amygdala’s involvement. Apparently the amygdala is the head stone in the process of the activation of the pontine cholinergic arousal system by modifying the firing properties of the entire current online aminergic system.

In my understanding of this sleep modulation system, the amygdala would be one of the starting portions of the transition of NREM and REM sleep. Since the amygdala is consisted the area of emotion especially that of anxiety and fear, we could explain for why such terrible nightmares are experienced as night terrors during NREM stage 3 of sleep. It would also suggest that everyone may have these experiences as they would be normal but remembering them seems anything but normal. This is just a slight amount of support into the belief that helping the transition from NREM and REM would reduce the length and remembrance of night terrors.


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