Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleep Model: Version 2

I recently updated the sleep model based on research found in Dr. Callaway's published article "A Proposed Mechanism for the Visions of Dream Sleep" and Dr. Maurizi's article "The anatomy and chemistry of hallucinations and a rational surgical approach to the treatment of some schizophrenic syndromes".

The major changes are based on the top portion where the MOA's cause a decrease of serotonin production and the MAOI's causing an increase amount of serotonin. According to the model, the more serotonin produced in the brain the more MAOI's that are produced causing an even greater increase of serotonin. It would see based on the model that MAOI's in the form of beta-carbolines are very important to the proper function of our brain.

Another major change is in the areas of production of serotonin, as even a large quantity of serotonin is produced in the pineal gland. The raphe nuclei would be the possible storage location of this serotonin or a release mechanism, for me this is unclear. It has been reported that SSRI's effect the raphe nuclei causing an even greater increase of serotonin buildup. This supports the concept that seritonin is stored in the raphe nuclei.

The last important note about this model is that pinoline itself is a beta-carboline and is not converted into a beta-carboline. It may be confusing for some to understand this from the model alone.

As some may see this model resembles the same concept that DMT is possibly created in the pineal gland in the brain. The hypothesis of this concept is based off of the research done by Dr. Callaway however is not listed as DMT but a tryptamine. Other researches have suggested other trytamine based psychedelics when dealing with the pineal and the effects it has on our dreams and consciousness. I continue to support this concept and hope to find evidence either supporting or disproving these theories.


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