Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Dream Drugstore, Dr. J. Allen Hobson

Another book down…

The dream drugstore was an enjoyable book, not in the sense that it was a wonderful flowing read that anyone would like to read. Instead it was full of complicated concepts that I had a really hard time in understanding, and some hypothesis that I had learned to agree with. Dr. Allen Hobson, someone who I would call a huge help to the sleep community and a never ending pit of knowledge, wrote this wonderful book in educating others who already seem to have a grasp on the brain and its chemical makeup.

I can honestly say that I grew a great deal when reading this book, as many of you have maybe noticed in my writing and understanding of the brain and its neuro-chemical activation of what we call sleep. I have formulated my own hypotheses based off of Hobson’s work and have come to the fact that what I know about sleep has been truly minuscule to the amount of wealthy knowledge out there.
I highly suggest anyone who is interesting in sleep and needs a non-Freudian explanation for the reasons we dream, as Dr. Hobson provides. I strongly support Hobson in his views of Activation-synthesis theory and it’s only because of this book and the facts of research do I truly understand that our brains are wonderful factory of useful drugs.

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