Monday, May 25, 2009

Travel and Some

Well summer has officially started for me and I have been doing a lot of running around trying to figure out how to relax some. I have started to go through some of my old books and read some of the notes produced by those authors to find some good information for references to read up and post about. Until I get a good grasp on that information I wanted to start to post some other information that I think is supporting to sleep and our conscious mind.

Psychedelic use has been around as long as humans have been, maybe even before as some animals have been shown to take part in eating plant matter and “tripping” out after doing so. As I wrote many times before, I think it’s important to understand the use of psychedelics and the possible help it may produce into the changes of our consciousness, let that be sleep or other. If you haven’t read my recent post with the information I found for my paper then you may not see why psychedelics are important in sleep, but if you took the time to read it you would find that supporting evidence has allowed us to understand that some type of endogenous psychedelic may be the whole cause for our dreaming. At any rate, there have been countless reports of psychedelic like dreams and vice versa. I still do believe that there is still a good amount of useless information found in the psychedelic experiences but enough quality information in understanding the mind, that it shouldn’t be overlooked.

One of my favorite podcasters Lorenzo Hagerty, has posted a number of great pod casts. Here is one of his recent podcasts.

Podcast 184 - “The Boundaries of the Human Mind”

Here are the notes from the podcast:

"What Damasio is showing is that people who, in the lab, get a huge amount of cognitive stimulus all the time start to have no access to the emotional part [of themselves] at all. They can’t store to it, and they can’t retrieve from it. They become what he calls emotionally neutral."
"So if ANY crisis arises you have the wrong people [in charge], probably, because the things that put them there, and the constituencies that wanted them there, create a person who is incapable of handling a real crisis."
"If you want a future, you have to take charge of your own thoughts."



  1. Thanks for the kind words. A friend told me about your blog, and so I thought I'd stop by for a visit :-).

  2. Its not a problem Lorenzo. I think your podcast's are full of great info and more people should pay attention to them. Thanks for coming by and if you find something that interest you I am more than glad to try to pay more attention to it.